This 48-hour medical interpreter training features language-specific role plays, a 10-hour medical terminology workshop with a physician, an overview of healthcare system and hospital operation, additional TeamSTEPPS communication tools, and an optional practicum at local hospitals. The training is currently available in Mandarin and Spanish. 



Medical Interpreter Training March

Medical Interpreter Training March

Medical Interpreter Training June

Medical Interpreter Training June

Medical Interpreter Training June

Medical Interpreter Training June

Medical Terminology Workshop!

Textbook: The Community Interpreter

Textbook: The Community Interpreter

Included in your tuition

March cycle: Before the finals!

March cycle: Before the finals!

Medical Interpreter Training March

Medical Interpreter Training March

Early Bird Discount: $1349, an instant saving of $50! 



  • We broke the traditional model of "interpreters teach interpreters". Our trainer team is consisted of certified interpreters, health administration & HR specialist, physicians and community outreach program representatives.

  • The whole day medical terminology workshop is instructed by an interpreter trainer, a language coach, and an attending physician. Participants will receive comprehensive medical information through interactive activities. This is the only medical terminology workshop that is instructed by a physician in New York. 

  • This training provides a solid theoretical foundation as well as practical instructions for interpreters who target multiple career paths, including not only being a freelancer, but also a dual-role interpreter.

  • This training provides in-depth insights on the language access laws, regulations, hospital policies, and the administration of the language assistance program to give interpreters a more comprehensive perspective towards language services as well as hospital administration and to minimize their risks of getting into “ethical dilemmas” due to the lack of awareness of the legal regulations.

  • The TeamSTEPPS system has also been integrated in this training to help interpreters become part of the healthcare team, master the language to communicate with other team members and to better handle concerns, conflicts and risky advocacy behaviors.  

  • As our graduates, you will enjoy the life-long post-graduation career development benefits, including job referrals, arranging for practicum at local hospitals, resume critique, mock interview and attending all career and continuing education events hosted by Entercomm for free. For more member benefits, please click here. For more news on our past events, please visit our News page.



  • An overview of the interpreting profession; medical interpreting, community interpreting, conference interpreting, and legal interpreting; language access laws, limited English proficient patient, and hospital language assistance program administration; 

  • Code of ethics and standards of practice of interpreters in healthcare; We guide your thought process of applying the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice through practical exercises and role plays;

  • The process of an interpreting session; modes of interpreting & practices: consecutive and sight translation; interpreting skills: introduction, positioning, direct communication, memory development and note taking; Role plays are monitored by language coaches;

  • Mediation and cultural mediation as a freelance, full-time or dual-role interpreter; ethical dilemmas; patient safety and the TeamSTEPPS communication framework; safe advocacy;

  • A whole day medical terminology workshop with an attending physician and language coaches who are certified medical interpreters: dissecting medical terminology, interpreting medical and understanding medical;

  • An overview of the hospital operation, healthcare in the U.S., and buzzing trends in health

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Please note: We have changed our training schedule! The training is NOW 52 HOURS!!

This training will take place both online and in the classroom. You will get MORE practice lab hours with your language coaches! The classroom is located in Great Neck, NY. Please download the schedule brochure to find out more about the new schedule.


You will have 2 chances to pass the written final and one chance to pass the oral final evaluation.  Upon passing both finals, you will receive your certificate of completion in the mail. Attendees who pass the written final but fail the oral final will receive the certificate of attendance in the mail.


This training is language specific. Candidates MUST be fluent in Mandarin Chinese or Spanish and English.

The following proofs of fluency are accepted to waive the fluency evaluation: 

Mandarin or Spanish: 

  • Proof that you have graduated from a high school, college or university where Mandarin or Spanish is the primary instructional language; OR

  • Proof that you have passed a language fluency evaluation by a reputable organization, e.g. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Language Line University, etc.

  • Candidates who can not provide such documents will need to pass the initial fluency evaluation. 

  • The cost will be deducted from the fee once the candidate passes, the cost is not refundable if the candidate fails.




  • Proof that you have graduated from a high school, college or university where English is the primary instructional language;

  • Proof that you have passed a language fluency evaluation by a reputable organization, e.g. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Language Line University, etc. 

  • Proof that you have taken any of the following examinations:TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, LSAT.

  • Candidates who can not provide such documents will need to pass the initial English fluency assessment. 

  • The cost will be deducted from the tuition once the candidate passes. The cost is not refundable if the candidate fails.


Participants will have the opportunity to be referred to one of our participating hospitals in New York to complete a 200-hour practicum/volunteership. This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your interpreting skills, understand more about various aspects of healthcare and language access regulations and policies, get familiar with communicating and interacting with various staff in the healthcare setting, network, and to find out which interpreting setting may be a better fit for you. 


This practicum can be completed at your own pace. Normally a 6h plus shift is required by hospitals, e.g. volunteer once a week, 6 hours per visit. 


The schedule of the volunteership needs to coordinate with the hospital's schedule. Getting a volunteer medical interpreter on board is the same as getting an employee on board. The process may take at least 2 weeks and may be up to 2 months. Please let us know your wish to participate in the practicum as soon as possible so that we can make certain arrangments. 



For now, all our participating services are in the New York area. If you are interested in any hospital that is outside the New York are, you may let us know. We will try out best to get in touch with them. However, due to different legal regulations, patient population, and hospital policies, there is no garantee that we would be successful. 


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To register:

1. Complete this online registration form 
2. Submit the payment once you receive the confirmation email from us online, in person or by mail.

3. If you wish to inquire in person, please book online.

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For only $1399, you will get:

  • A 400-page textbook

  • A workbook with role plays and exercises

  • Initial fluency evaluation (if passes)

  • A glossary in your language

  • Meals for all training days, and

  • Lifelong membership to The Entercomm Club (Check out the benefits of being a club member)


The candidate who scores the highest in the written final will receive a $50 rebate. So work for it!!!


If you register as a group of three or more, you will receive a group discount of 10% off. 


Veterans and their spouses will receive a 10% discount. 


As a club member, if you refer someone you know to attend the class, you will get referral rebates! For your first three referrals, you will receive a $50 rebate in mail. For every referral after that, you will receive a $25 rebate in mail. Check out more benefits of being a club member.


We accept check, cash, major credit cards and Paypal. Cash must be paid in person and checks can be made to "Entercomm LLC" and mailed to 41 Jayson Ave. Great Neck, NY.  

Early Bird Registration: $1349
Register before April 10th, 2020!


The training is adapted from THE COMMUNITY INTERPRETER® curriculum and will be using its text books. This curriculum was developed by Cross-Cultural Communications and is the only national training program in the U.S. dedicated for community interpreters. 


Text book & workbook are included in the tuition.


You will receive the books on the first day of the training. 

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