This ONE OF A KIND practice book (simplified Chinese version) consists of over 50 role plays and a medical glossary. All role plays All role plays included in the book are based on real-life scenarios and cover the most common medical specialties as well as non-clinical situations.


This practice book is designed for trained medical interpreters to further polish their interpreting skills and get familiarized with the common medical scenarios and vocabularies. Interpreters who are preparing for the national certification exams with either the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters or the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters will also benefit greatly from this book. All role plays included in the book are based on real-life scenarios and cover the most common medical specialties as well as non-clinical situations.


Unique features of this book:

  • All the conversations are based on original real-life scenarios. Although some of the wordings may not make sense or look polished to you, they reflect how conversations may be conducted in the real life. We would like you to experience how communication can be challenging even with the help of an interpreter and how to handle the frustration and doubt professionally.
  • These role plays will not only challenge your vocabularies and your ability to render messages accurately, but also challenge your interpreting skills, including your skills to manage the interpreting session, to interpret side conversations, and to interpret when there are conflicts, etc.
  • These role plays will walk you through a broad range of medical vocabularies including the common and less common ones, which will prepare you for your future practices.
  • These role plays include both clinical and non-clinical settings, and both in-person and over-the-phone/video-remote sessions. You will get an opportunity to experience different modalities of medical interpreting using this book.
  • We included some common medication names in this role play book. Medication reconciliation is one important area of clinical medicine and patient-centered care, but has not been emphasized in interpreter education. 

How to use this book:

  • We recommend you to practice with a language partner first then review afterwards.
  • The role plays are not placed in an order from the easiest to the most difficult. If you feel like one role play is too difficult for you at the moment, please feel free to start from one that is less challenging.
  • We encourage you to discuss with your language partner (s) and colleagues regarding how they would handle the situation, following the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for medical interpreters.


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