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See Entercomm at the Austin Street Fair in Forest Hills on Oct. 4

The semiannual Austin Street Fair is one event you don't want to miss in Queens, and this year you will see Entercomm at the fair! Please stop by and say hello to our team, enjoy the sparkling cider, and take some goodies home. For anyone who is interested in taking the training with us, it will be a perfect opportunity to find out more information. You may even sign up for our newsletter to enter the raffle! Find us between the 69th Road and 70th Avenue!


Date: Oct. 4th, Sunday, from 12 pm to 6 pm. 

Oct. 4th Austin Street Fair
Oct. 4th Austin Street Fair

Touring Empress EMS
Touring Empress EMS

Entercomm members Lulu and Shirley got behind the scene to see how EMS really works.

Oct. 4th Austin Street Fair
Oct. 4th Austin Street Fair

Residency Match Prep
Improve Your Competitiveness

When applying to residency programs, foreign grads are facing more challenges than American grads: communicating medical information in English, fewer connections and exnternship opportunities, a bigger gap, limited understanding of the U.S. healthcare system, and less polished interview and writing skills, etc. Entercomm can help you turn your disadvantages into your advantages and match a program that is right for you.

Our residency match prep package includes: 

  • Initial whole package assessment

  • USMLE Step 2 Small Group Clinical Skills 5-day Workshop with practice

  • Resident oriented medical interpreting and cultural competency training 

  • Hospital or clinic volunteer opportunities as a volunteer medical interpreter

  • Personal statement editing and resume critique, and 

  • Mock interview workshop 


The package can be customized and all items can be purchased a la carte. 




The whole package prep includes all the items stated above. Candidates will need to book the package at least a year prior to their target application date. For example, if you are targeting at starting your residency in 2017 and you haven't taken step 2, you should be contacting us right now. The package can be purchased in advance and all items are good for 5 years from the date of your initial assessment and strategic planning. All items are offered on a recurring basis. You may choose to participate in all these activities throughout your application process based on your own schedule and pace.



Purchase the whole package at only $2799!



We know you are looking for a mactch, but are you really looking for a true match? Through our strategic planning, we help you set your goal, find out your strengths and weakenesses and plan your application path. This assessment includes a preliminary assessment of your application materials, and an-hour one-on-one in-person or skype consultation session only with you, and personalized preliminary editing of your application materials. 

Price: $399



In this 5-day workshop,  you’ll learn how to conduct effective physician-patient communication, how to take patient histories and notes, and everything else you need to succeed on the Step 2 Clinical Skills through informative lectures and hands-on CS individual and group practices with our experienced attending physicians. 

Purchase with the editing service for only $499!
Price: $1799



You are bilingual.