Medical Interpreter for Residents & Residency Candidates

If you are taking your USMLE and looking for a match, please remember your language and cultural background is not a disadvantage but an asset. But with the increasing diversity of the applicants, how can you stand out?

Our specialized medical interpreter training will help you maximize your language skills, improve your cultural competency, provide an insight on healthcare, hospital operation and patient safety, talk medical better and connect to hospitals through your interpreter practicum. 

Next intensive training: Marth 4th to 8th
Early Bird Discount: $849, an instant saving of $50! Register before January 16th, 2015!


Entercomm is offering a one-day (or half a day for 2 people) mock interview workshop for small groups to residency candidates whose primary language is not English. At this well-designed workshop, you will receive a real time interview by at least 2 interviewers, constructive feedback and resume critique from our experienced coaches. Our coaches include attending physicians, human resources experts and cultural competency experts. You will also learn from your co-attendees. Our goal is to help you familiarize with the real interview setting and interview questions, gain more confidence and control, better understand the U.S. healthcare system and the buzzing trends in healthcare, improve the consistency and sincerity of your story line, to better sell your cultural background and language skills and to enhance your communication skills.

  • Length of the training: 5-6 hours, small group workshop with no more than 4 attendees (3-4 hours for a 2-people session)

  • Location: 295 Northern Blvd. Suite 301, Great Neck, NY 11021

  • Price: $329 without the follow up interview; $379 with a follow up one hour one-on-one interview (in person or via Skype, worth $199). Breakfast and lunch are included. 

  • You will receive the recording of your interview, a detailed summary report and your commented resume within 3 business days after the workshop. 

  • This training is recurring. Next training sessions will be offered on October 16th, 2016 and October 22nd, 2016. Please follow our Facebook page for updates.

    To register, please complete this registration form and complete the payment here. If you prefer using checks, please make your check payable to Entercomm LLC. The mailing address is 41 Jayson Ave. Great Neck, NY 11021.

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"Dr. Smith is the attending physician at St. Francis Hospital, former ER director at St. Joseph's hospital, medical director for the fire, EMS, and police in the city of Yonkers. Dr. Smith is American, graduated from an American medical school and received American residency training. He shares the similar background with most the program directors who would be interviewing us. His understanding of the American culture, language and communication skills and the U.S. health system as well as his suggestions and perspectives were cut to the point and very useful. Due to his work experience at a lot of multidisciplinary hospitals, his insight on the structure of different programs and what the programs are looking for is very valuable. Having been a Kaplan instructor in Japan and worked with foreign grads, his understanding of how we can use our cultural background towards our advantage is way above other American doctors. They truly spend a lot of time and energy on each participant. They also record your performance and send the recording file along with a detailed summary back to you. It takes them a lot of time but really makes things easier for us. This is what other training courses do not have. " 



"The interview was like a real time practice. A lot of questions were asked. The goal was to well prepare you for the actual interview day. It is also extremely helpful to observe and learn from other participants. Seeing how other people construct their answers and learning from their feedback and suggestions benefited me a lot. I don't regret traveling this far for the workshop."




Book with the Medical Interpreter Training for Bilingual Residency Candidates for only $1169! An instant saving of $159.

This 48-hour medical interpreter training is specifically designed for residency candidates. The training is aimed to not only help residency applicants capitalize on their language skills and cultural diversity, but also to give them a practical understanding of hospital operation and the healthcare system in the U.S. and to make them more comfortable with "talking medical" in English. Graduates can be referred to several teaching hospitals in New York to volunteer as medical interpreters. It provides a great platform for residency candidates to network, to observe and to familiarize with the medical setting and medical communication. 


Paying for a one-month observership? There is an alternative for that!

We have heard that residency candidates say how they helped "translate" during their externships, but do you know what you did was not "translation"? We have heard people say how they used google translate or other apps to communicate with their patients to show their cultural competency, but do you know that is actually illegal and should be avoided? The percentage of limited English proficient patients at some New York hospitals can be as high as 60% to 70%, and programs need you to diversify the program and to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care to these patients without getting into any legal trouble. Knowing how is the key, and we will help you get there. 


Book with our Application Package Editing Service for only $599!

We offer whole application package editing and touch up service. You materials will be reviewed and edited by native English speakers. 


Whole application package includes a personal statement, no more than 3 letters of recommendation, and self-composed CV/resume. The editing service does not include the ERAS application or ERAS generated CV. 

Extra editing fees may be applied to additional personal statements, LORs and CVs.


The editing service will be provided in 2 phases:

Step 1: Upon receiving the materials, we will give you our feedback and suggestions on maintaining or changing the direction of the whole package. We may request for additional information or materials. This process may take 3-4 days, depending on if major reconstruction is needed as well as how fast you would be able to supply the additional information. 


Step 2: After the initial editing, we will touch up on the materials to ensure the language is smooth and there is no grammatical mistakes.


The schedule does not work for you? You may schedule an one-hour one-on-one mock interview with us in person or via Skype.

In person one-on-one interview

  • Customized one-hour mock interview with Dr. Barry Smith.

  • A summary and the recording will be sent to you within 3 business days

  • $199 for first time customers, $179 for returning customers (coupon code will be sent to you via email/text upon scheduling) 


Skype one-on-one interview

  • Customized mock interview with Dr. Barry Smith. 

  • A summary and the recording will be sent to you within 3 business days

  • $179 for first time customers, $129 for returning customers (coupon code will be sent to you via email/text upon scheduling).

    * For returning customers, if you are only interested in doing a follow up mock interview and wish not to receive any notes or recordings, the discounted price will be $99, the coupon code will be sent to you via email/text upon scheduling.


To contact us, please email us at or call us at 718 916 9640. 

Skype ID: caiyuan0630

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