See What Our Former Trainees Say about Us

It was really a fun class with such a great instructor. I learned a lot not only from the class, but also from all my classmates. I had a lot of fun moments I will ever forgot. The training made such an impact on my life. I appreciated this opportunity. 


                                                                            Wilson Liu, Class June 2015


It is a wonderful experience. Instead of sitting there quietly to be force-fed, we did games, role plays and competition. Not one minute in the course was boring. 

                                                                                  Qi Li, Class June 2015

See What Our Former Students Say about Us


Hila Gotthelf


Mandarin interpreter. Hila was trained at NYU and has been volunteering with Flushing Hospital for two years. She attended our training as a refresher in 2015. Hila is preparing for her National Certification Exams with both NBCMI and CCHI. 


"Yuan Cai provided a first-class training course for us at Flushing Hospital Medical Center. I really appreciated the effort she made in advance to tailor the course to suit our needs. The course has proved invaluable in helping me with making good use of my learning to serve as a professional medical interpreter. The training was extremely well structured, very energizing and most inspiring.


Yuan Cai is a very knowledgeable instructor and an excellent teacher. Her teaching style was engaging and superbly informative. Each trainee had the opportunity to share his/hers experiences and questions or thoughts. We also had short team assignments that further promoted interaction among the training members. Yuan Cai always provided an insightful feedback to our work, and provided thorough and clear explanations accompanied by useful ‘real life’ examples. The overall atmosphere in the classroom throughout the program was fun and friendly.


Participation in this training program was very rewarding, and motivating.


The training program was equally valuable to all levels of medical interpreters, and thus, I highly recommend this program to both novice and experienced medical interpreters."


Dr. Cong Zhang


Mandarin interpreter. 


It has been a great training experience. I think I made the right choice of attending it. I want to thank you for working so hard in not only 
teaching us the curriculum but making sure we all learned it. Also, thank you for taking care of us in every aspect that we could use. I think the five-day course was planned very well, with the core content and the lectures from the guest speakers. The whole course not only gave us the knowledge to work as an interpreter, but also provide us ways to enter this field. I was very tired, but also feeling accomplished."